Becoming a Member

We are selling blueberry “shares” again this year! Hooray! For those who are interested in partaking, you’ll pay a flat rate which will grant you bottomless blueberry privileges for the season. If you’re an average berry picker, it’ll take 2, maaaybe 3 visits for your share to pay for itself…plus you can graze while you pick. It’s like your own private blueberry experience! We aren’t planning to limit the number of shares available, but we are implementing a soft deadline to encourage folks to get their membership squared away. Make sure you sign up by June 1st to get $5 off the cost of your share, and guarantee your spot.

Click here to download the full 2024 info brochure and order form.

The quick and dirty details:

Dates: Approximately early July through mid August-ish (we hope!). We’ll email you when they’re ripe!

Hours: If you can see ’em, you can pick ’em! (Daylight hours, 7 days a week). Everything you need will be outside under the shade tent, so just do your thing.

Cost: $75 for up to 3 people; $110 for groups of 4+. Groups of more than 5 people must live in the same household to be included on a single share. Take $5 off if you sign up and pay in full before June 1st Please make checks payable to Terra Fluvia.

You can pay for your share online using Paypal or Venmo:


Venmo: @terrafluvia

A brief note about refunds: We want you to get your money’s worth (really!), but it’s up to you to make it happen. We aren’t able to offer refunds for shareholders who don’t make it out to pick as often as they hoped. We do try to provide a head’s up when the blueberry supply starts to dwindle, but there is always some unpredictability from season to season.

Bring: Something to carry your berries home in (we’ll have buckets available). Sunscreen, a hat, and water; a swimsuit if you feel like jumping in the river (also, feel free to float up to the dock! Just give us a heads up first if you can.)

Facilities: We have a composting toilet set up near the parking area for shareholder usage. There are instructions posted inside the privacy tent, as well as on the table at HQ. Please read them, and help your young children so this remains a (clean!) option for everyone.

Guests: Guests are welcome to join you for $10/guest/day, as long as they are accompanied by a shareholder.

Kiddos: Kids under 4 pick for free! That is, your personal children under age 4 don’t count toward the number of people in your share. Please don’t show up with a bus full of toddlers. ALL kids must be supervised at all times!

Did we forget something? We probably did. Check the brochure first, then ask!

If you have ideas about how we can make this better, please let us know!